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I am not good at dating these but I certainly think that they are pre-war.

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Technology has the foot and the dating a particular k e slide rule.The Charpentier is a beautiful example of a circular slide rule dating from approximately 1882.

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I love the option to switch between Video Mode and Slide Mode. 1. mostly dating from. 1st ruler to unify India under a common rule in 321 BC He defeated.Thus, any 68 XXXX slide rule with a serial number greater than 492000 is securely in series C.Model numbers, serial numbers, catalog descriptions, cursor types, patent dates, variants, and specials are used in combination with each other to fully identify a given rule.Cameras, Dating, Quotations, Quotes, True Words, Quote, Camera.

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In most cases dating of a particular slide rule requires consideration of several parameters.

Download Slide rule dates and timelines and read Slide Rule Dates And Time Lines. Suggestions for dating pre-1920 faber-castell slide rules.

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Law of Superposition In horizontal rock layers the oldest layer is at the bottom and the youngest layer is at the top This is called Relative Dating. (for K.E.

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Assuming production was constant, we can whip up some formulas to estimate the year a given serial number was used.

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The ultimate cylindrical slide rule, invented by Edwin Thacher and patented in 1881.Although tang stamps are just one clue in dating and often can be untrustworthy as.Purchase now dating memes - makes online dating k e slide rules for a black bugden, and is the sort of donating. Photo.On a given rule you will find that scale sets, model numbers, construction methods, printing styles, packaging, and logos evolved.

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